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About us

Dogs are wonderful creatures to me. They give unconditional love to us. Why am I writing all this down? Because since my childhood, I could have been part of a special friendship, that you can only achieve by a puppy's "silent" love.

This is me, the Sadaksari Kennel's founder and my Tibetan Mastiff dog, Sultan.

However, don't think that taking care of a dog, and teaching him is easy. I learned a lot, and since 8 years I'm still learning from professionals and from fellow dog owners. And in addition to these, my husband and I are continuously getting new experiences from our sweetest friends, from our Tibetan Mastiff dogs, Sultan, Hariti and Sheena.

Sultan and Sheena were part of our family since February of 2013, and later on in May of 2013 we got Hariti.

The main reason why we have chosen this breed is the special majestic appearance, that reflects strength and self-confidence. In the meanwhile the rugged look hides gentle and devoted personality. Nothing prove this better than my two-year-old son, who is almost grew up with our dogs, and he plays and runs in their surrounding in total safety.

My son, as he plays with our Tibetan Mastiff dogs.

Since the age of six months we take our dogs to dog contests with excellent results and feedback. The main reason and effort of this, is to raise high-quality puppies.

Bettina Hári, the founder of Sadaksari, and her award-winning Tibetan Mastiff dog, Sultan.

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Bettina Hári

Mobil Hr: +385 99 404 9434
Mobil Hu: +36 20 228 22 61
E-mail: tibetmastiff@sadaksari.com
Croatian address: Novi Bezdan 31322 Croatia, Aranji Janosa 31
Hungarian address: Nagyharsány 7822 Hungary, Vásártér u. 17

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